American Assassin

Mitch Rapp is a young American on holiday in Ibiza with his girlfriend.  Whilst enjoying what the resort has to offer, a bunch of terrorists open fire at innocent holiday-makers and Mitch’s beloved is brutally slain.  We cut to around 18 month later and consumed with hatred, Mitch trolls the internet searching for the group responsible.

He eventually tracks down the terrorist involved in the massacre and before he can get his revenge, the American special forces intervene.  Mitch is offered the chance to become an operative where he will be trained by an old school Black Ops dude played by Michael Keaton.

Elsewhere in the murky world of espionage and dodgy terrorist types, nuclear material has gone astray, so begins the saga of the American Assassin.

Packed with action and interesting characters in particular Keaton as the gruff veteran and Dylan O’Brien adding to his action chops via The Maze Runner series.  Director Michael Cuesta lets the violence run rip throughout the movie and it’s refreshing to see an action film with a ’18’ certificate not dumbed down to a ’15’ or a ’12’.

Pretty decent stuff and certainly worth your time especially for Michael Keaton chewing the scenery like the pro he is.

  • Starring Dylan O’Brien  Michael Keaton  Scott Adkins  David Suchet
  • Director Michael Cuesta
  • Distributor Lionsgate