Beyond Skyline

Set at the same time (i.e. the alien invasion from the first film Skyline) Beyond Skyline shows the carnage caused by the aliens from the perspective of a grieving policeman and his estranged son.

Hard as nails cop Mark Corley has recently lost his wife, he’s likes a drink too much and his son is constantly getting into trouble.  When he bails his son out from the police precinct due to a fight where he broke a guy’s jaw, they find themselves trapped on a subway train when the human kidnapping aliens arrive.  A blue light literally abducts humans in some form of energy beam where they are transported to a space craft.  Mark and a rag-tag bunch of survivors from the train and a blind army veteran try to escape from the alien’s clutches.

Far superior than it’s predecessor, Beyond Skyline is rammed full of decent effects, nasty deaths and plenty of alien action.  The CGI implemented is good and the alien design (ship, creatures etc.) is very well done.

Just when you think Grillo (who hurts people very well in The Purge films) has the monopoly on being the film’s tough guy, they end up in Asia.  There we meet the ass kicking hero of The Raid films, Iko Uwais and one of his co-stars from them Yayan Ruhian.  It’s got to be seen to be believed when you get non stop physical martial arts fights with aliens against humans, it seems silly but it looks very cool as the aliens are dudes in suits and not computer graphics.

The movie is lots of fun, pretty much action packed from beginning to end and it sets itself up for another sequel, which will be most welcome.  There are tons of influences in the film including the original V television series but Beyond Skyline is such a blast you can’t not help but enjoy it.

Finally it’s got the legendary Antonio Fargas in it.  Yes, a sci-fi film with HUGGY BEAR!!

  • Starring Frank Grillo  Iko Uwais  Bojana Novakovic
  • Director Liam O’Donnell