Office Christmas Party

A tech firm hasn’t made it’s targets and the big boss (Jennifer Aniston) is threatening to dismiss staff, stop bonuses and most importantly cancel the Office Christmas Party.

The actual local manager is Aniston’s brother Clay played by TJ Miller who believes in keeping staff happy and generally having a good time.  In order to get to the targets set the two technical heads are meeting with a very important client to secure his business.  This would save the local office so they decide to invite him to the party which Clay has gone overboard on with all kinds of outrageous ‘extras’.  The head of Human Resources played by the always hilarious Kate McKinnon is basically having kittens due to what she sees is countless violations of HR policy and elsewhere the rest of the staff get into some serious festive spirit.

Films like Office Christmas Party are practically critic proof, no matter how many high brow journalists slag it off, a movie like this will always find it’s audience whether at the cinema or at home.  The film makers have assembled a great cast featuring the likes of Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn and Rob Corddry as well as the others mentioned above.  The film is crass, near the knuckle at times and has plenty of laugh out loud moments.  With the Christmas theme, it’s an ideal film to watch to get you into the spirit of celebrating Jesus’ Birthday.

I’ve never attended a party quite like this one but with the shenanigans involving the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Olivia Munn, I’d be there in a heartbeat.  Good brainless fun which will raise plenty of smiles.

  • Starring Jason Bateman  Olivia Munn  Jennifer Aniston  Kate McKinnon
  • Directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck
  • Distributor Entertainment One