As a young lad I can vividly remember the trip to the video shop (usually with Dad and then on my own as I got older) and can recall countless films which displayed unforgettable artwork.  Now, I didn’t get to see some of these films as they quickly appeared and then vanished into obscurity.  One such title that sticks in my mind is Pigs with it’s great tagline and a sinister looking porker with what looks like a sneer.  I never did get to watch it, but over the years it’s cropped up in various video nasty books and now those degenerates at 88 Films have released it about 30 odd years since Iver Film Services (The Professionals at Pinewood) unleashed it on Betamax and VHS.

Ex-Circus performer Zambrini not only has a pig farm but also owns the local sleazy diner.  A young woman (on the run) arrives at the diner looking for work.  Zambrini takes her on and she soon catches the eye of the locals.  The farmer is also harbouring a secret which his pigs like eating the remains of people.  Two sisters constantly complain to the local sheriff about the pig eating rumours, who then confronts him but the wise old guy fobs him off.  It soon materialises however that the young woman is definitely not playing with a full deck and a body has to be disposed of.

Packed with hillbilly types and some terrific good ol’ boy music, Pigs is without a doubt not only a completely insane movie but also product of it’s time.  You only have to see one of the character’s ‘romantic’ inclinations to know THIS is the 70’s where men were men and women were there to be leered over.

After a wait of 30 years I found Pigs a real blast, it is a load of nonsense but enjoyable (and a bit twisted) nonsense in a dated cheap kind of way which suits me fine.

  • Starring Marc Lawrence  Jesse Vint  Toni Lawrence  Paul Hickey
  • Director Marc Lawrence