Street Trash

Back in the mid eighties whilst on my regular jaunts to my local video shop I stumbled upon a rather garish cover.  That cover with an odd looking face contained the movie Street Trash.  Knowing really nothing about the film, that image sold me and over that weekend I sat down and experienced one of cinema’s most craziest films.

The owner of the local liquor store has discovered in his basement a consignment of booze hidden away decades ago.  Obviously well past it’s sell by date, he decides to charge a dollar for a bottle of ‘Viper’ which he knows he can off load onto the local homeless community.  When one poor soul steals a bottle from one of his fellow ‘bums’ he goes off to a deserted building to quietly have a drink.  Within seconds he begins to melt away and his final moments is that image from the video cover I mentioned above.

At the same time a deranged homeless dude known as Bronson is terrorising the community from his base at a junkyard.  The police are trying to investigate all the strange deaths happening and several other storylines then become entangled with all the craziness going on.

Filled with some of the cleverest make up effects of the eighties and easily the most colourful, Street Trash certainly isn’t for individuals who are easily offended by violence, nudity and un-PC humour especially at the expense of homeless people.  Personally I’ve always the film ridiculously entertaining as it is so over the top and absolutely bonkers.

This Blu-ray is rammed full of special features including the original short film, commentaries and a ‘making of’ documentary which at 2 hours is about half an hour longer than the actual film.  The only thing I missed on this release was the Avatar Communications logo (the UK video distributor) which whispered “Avatar” in a really creepy way.

Thirty years on, Street Trash is still a riot for all the right (and wrong) reasons and looks gorgeous in this HD remaster.  Totally recommended.

  • Starring Mike Lackey  Vic Noto  Jane Arakawa  James Lorinz
  • Director Jim Muro
  • Distributor 88 Films