Miracle Mile

Harry Washello is an incurable romantic and has met his ‘dream girl’ Julie who works at a diner in the Los Angeles district known as the Miracle Mile.  Due to a mishap at his hotel, Harry oversleeps and misses his late night date with Julie.  Thinking she has been stood up, Julie returns home.  When Harry finally arrives a couple of hours later she is obviously not there.

Ordering some food, he goes outside the diner and the phone box rings.  Answering it, he is met with a hysterical voice telling him that missiles are be launched in about 50 minutes, so it’s basically nuclear war in about an hour.  Of course one would find this difficult to believe as Harry finds out when he tries to convince the other diners.  Only when a business woman makes a call on the world’s largest mobile phone (it is 1988 after all) do the patrons believe what Harry is saying.  They make urgent plans to flee but Harry has to get Julie and save her as well.

Steve De Jarnatt’s Miracle Mile is a deadly serious ‘end of the world’ thriller, sure there are a few bits of humour sprinkled throughout but it’s played completely straight and the premise as you would expect is terrifying stuff.  Playing Harry and Julie are Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham who are utterly convincing as two people falling in love knowing that they may not see the next day.  De Jarnatt gives us a frankly excellent supporting cast with plenty of familiar faces including Denise Crosby, Eddie Bunker and Brian Thompson.  You will also spot the legendary Earl Boen who you will remember played the psychiatrist in the first three Terminator films and Robert DoQui the tough talking Sgt. Reed from Robocop.

Backed by a cracking score from Tangerine Dream, the final act of Miracle Mile when society is unravelling is a monumental piece of film making considering the film’s small budget.  It’s an awesome film and Arrow have done the film proud with a great presentation with plenty of decent special features.

Almost thirty years later after it’s release, it’s lost none of it’s impact and is a superb piece of cinema.

  • Starring Anthony Edwards  Mare Winningham  John Agar  Claude Earl Jones
  • Director Steve De Jarnatt
  • Distributor Arrow Video