There has been a spate of murders over the last month, prostitutes have been turning up dismembered after disappearing off the streets.  Veteran boozy cop Detective Inspector Locke (Steve Dolton) is on the case as the killings are happening on his ‘patch’.  The Chief Inspector sends a new detective (Charlie Bond) to his team to assist (and spy on him) and with her new ideas and methods they somewhat clash.  It’s also an excuse to get some witty banter into the script with both actors rising to the occasion.  The younger Detective Keyes, finds in the archives an old hospital has been reopened by a mental health specialist and it turns out one of the patients is called Annie Dyer who committed a murder whilst ‘possessed’.  Funny thing though, the ‘Dyer’ case was an old case of Locke’s and he got her banged up in the loony bin.  This was chronicled in the film ‘The Haunting of Annie Dyer’ and Hellriser is a sort of follow-up to that picture.

Creativ Films (Essex Heist) have once again managed to put together a film on a small budget and make it look like a hell of a lot more.  Director Steve Lawson is a dab hand at stretching the pound and has a reliable stock of actors he can call on for a project.  Steve Dolton who plays Locke puts in a performance so laid back especially when accompanied by his hip flask, it’s brilliant.  His character has seen a lot of crap but even after the shenanigans previously with Annie he still doesn’t believe supernatural events are occurring.  Raven Lee returns as Dyer and spends the majority of the film either being tortured, in a state of undress getting plenty of ‘lady love’ or wreathing orgasmically on her bed like she has ants in her pants.  The barmy doctor in the hospital is played by a gentleman by the name of Andy Coughlan.  His performance is so OTT it’s truly magnificent with the best German accent heard since the days of ‘allo ‘allo.

Overall Hellriser has loads going it such as the obligatory blood, boobs, chopped up bodies and plenty of dry ice to give it bags of atmosphere.  Like any good horror movie, it’s fun while it lasts and I do hope we see the character of Locke again.

Support the British film industry by picking up this little gem, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  • Starring Steve Dolton  Charlie Bond  Georgia Annable  Raven Lee
  • Director Steve Lawson
  • Distributor 88 Films