Cage Dive aka Open Water 3

There are probably more shark movies around now than slasher films, although most of them tend to hokey and along the lines of a certain series of films from The Asylum.  Cage Dive doesn’t follow that trend and is a pretty serious film following the unfortunate events that three young Americans will endue.

Three friends have decided to enter a reality TV contest and have to submit their audition tape.  Yes folks, we are in ‘found footage’ territory but at least the film is made ‘legit’ by interviewing locals and featuring news footage.  They travel to Australia to film beneath the water in a shark cage.  However it doesn’t go to plan and whilst they try to survive with hungry sharks swimming around, they document it on their video camera.

Personally the last thing I would do is to film myself fighting for survival but it’s all done rather well if you can put up with the standard shaky camera and the added factor of water making you feel a bit queasy.

I am at the point now where I am at the end of my tether with found footage films.  As I’ve said before most of them are cheap, nasty and terribly amateurish.  Cage Dive is a lot better than the crap out there sat on the shelves.  The three main leads are pretty credible considering they’re lined up for shark bait and the whole film is well put together.

It did leave me a little cold (rather like the water) but there are plenty of you out there who enjoy the genre.  The film is certainly not rubbish, far from it but not one for me I’m afraid.

  • Starring Megan Peta Hill  Josh Potthoff  Joel Hogan
  • Director Gerald Rascionato
  • Distributor Lionsgate