A Kind of Murder

Based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith who you may know as the writer behind The Talented Mr. Ripley, A Kind of Murder is a 1960’s set thriller surrounding the events of a murder of a woman which takes place at a diner.

Walter Stackhouse is a talented and rich architect who also in his spare time writes fiction as a hobby and a bit of a sideline.  He has a beautiful wife (Jessica Biel) who is suffering from mental illness.  She refuses to seek medical help and has an unseen Mother phoning her constantly to return home as she is supposedly ‘dying’.  Walter reads a story in the newspaper of a local businessman whose wife was murdered and becomes obsessed with the case.

He even goes to visit the victim’s husband played by the great Eddie Marsan to check the guy out.  There’s also a persistent cop nosing around determined to discover who did the murder.  As time goes on, the story takes different twists and turns as Walter’s home life gets intertwined with that of the case.

A Kind of Murder is a pleasant addition to the murder noir genre and the 60’s setting is immaculately portrayed on screen.  Acting honours goes to Patrick Wilson as Walter taking time out from exorcising demons in The Conjuring films and Marsan who is one actor who only has to turn up on set to put in a great performance.  It’s got a nice musical score and is paced well as the film clocks in at just under 90 minutes so it doesn’t drag on like other films of it’s type.

Not too bad, a film that won’t change the world but a nice diversion into a time which has passed us by.

  • Starring Eddie Marsan  Jessica Biel  Patrick Wilson  Haley Bennett
  • Director Andy Goddard
  • Distributor Sony