A young girl is seemingly possessed and the local priest is tasked at performing an exorcism.  Our film begins with the death of the afore mentioned girl and we fast forward in time to where the priest has left the church and married the girl’s sister.  Not to be confused with Lamberto Bava’s classic or the appalling ITV series Demons is a serious and highly intelligent thriller with supernatural elements.

The ex-priest Colin Hampstead is now a hugely successful author and along with his wife Kayleigh and their daughter Jewel run a successful business in Georgia.  However, ever since the death Kayleigh appears to be haunted by nightmares and visions of her beloved sister.  The film switches between modern day and back to when the investigation was taking place into the ‘possession’.  This is very cleverly edited in a way that just enough story is revealed at any given time.

Kayleigh’s Father is a bible thumping religious maniac who is possibly abusing the younger sibling and Colin senses this as the reasoning behind the ‘possession’.  However the Father played by the Wishmaster himself, Andrew Divoff says she has the devil in her and wants a possession.  Back to the modern day and Colin’s best friend from childhood arrives with his fiancee who is a bit of a ‘new age’ type and senses that there are spirits surrounding the Hampstead family.

With it’s possession theme and Exorcismy (is that a word?) bits, you may shrug and think not another devil film.  Yes, Demons is about an exorcism but it’s also about a family torn apart by abuse and a spirit which isn’t at peace.  Director Miles Doleac gets really smart and realistic performances from his cast which includes himself in the role of Colin.  Like I said above, the movie is well constructed and it’s always nice to see The Dukes of Hazard’s John Schneider on screen (playing the town doctor).

A cracking thriller with horror and spiritual elements which is well worth checking out with a great post credits ending which will bring a rather (twisted) smile to your face.  There’s a lot of possession pictures out there and most of them are utter crap but I assure you this one certainly isn’t.

  • Starring Miles Doleac  Lindsay Anne Williams  Steven Brand  Andrew Divoff
  • Director Miles Doleac
  • Distributor Uncork’d Entertainment