Cute Little Buggers

High above the earth is an alien spaceship from a civilisation that are close to extinction.  Piloted by Brian and Ernest, they have been tasked to preserve their species by impregnating females.  Their plan involves changing the genetics of a earth bound creature namely rabbits around the area surrounding the sleepy village of Deddington in Oxfordshire.  These ‘Cute Little Buggers’ will soon cause mayhem to the villagers who are made up of the usual English eccentrics, tarts, an upper class twit, a bloke who collects his own urine and some visiting scouse plumbers.

These furry little beasties have to basically kidnap all fertile females and take them back to a ‘penetration chamber’ where Brian and Ernest get them artificially inseminated.  Anyone who doesn’t qualify as a ‘mother’ is soon dispatched in gruesome fashion.  The local inept police inspector says the first dismembered victim has to be classified as ‘death by misadventure’ as he is more interested in the local festival taking place.  One of his constables isn’t convinced and soon bodies begin to pile up.  The only one who seems to know what is going on is local fortune teller ‘Mystic Mary’ played in a terrific little cameo by genre legend Caroline Munro and she is pretty clueless as well.

Cute Little Buggers is one hell of a comedic fun ride which is 100% British in it’s humour.  The CGI effects are at times a little hokey but they work immensely well with the vibe of the picture which is played totally for laughs.  The cast are obviously having a complete ball as there is no way this is a serious film and the afore mentioned various stereotypes are hilarious especially the scousers who reckon no one takes them seriously because they’re from ‘up north’.

I’ve saved the best to last and as much as the bunnies are great, the film makers need possibly the biggest pat on the back in recent cinema history for creating Ernest and Brian, the aliens.  Considering they are from a galaxy far, far away they speak perfect English and seem to know all the slang we speak.  In fact they are that hysterical, I would put them up there with the immortal Lord Crumb from Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste for some of the lines they deliver.

Cute Little Buggers is a piece of insane comedy-horror gold and deserves all the success it can possibly get.  I found myself laughing all the way through and with plenty of gore and boobs, it’s practically a perfect ‘popcorn’ movie.  It may be silly but doesn’t stop it being absolutely brilliant.  Miss it at your peril.

  • Starring Kristofer Dayne  Sara Dee  Gary Martin  Caroline Munro  Dani Thompson
  • Director Tony Jopia