Doll Master

With a title like Doll Master and the promotional artwork you’d think the movie would be some kind of Chucky or Puppet Master type horror.  Well you would be sort of right, but this independent British horror is something a bit different than Don Mancini and Charlie Band’s mini killers.

Norman is a fella living on his own and suffering from recurring nightmares.  Norman has learning difficulties and rarely leaves in house.  His only friend is a dummy (he calls it a doll) called Hugo.  His support worker is unavailable so a new one turns up in her place.  He immediately becomes fascinated with Hugo and offers to get him valued as he says he could be valuable.  Norman won’t part with his best mate but he is burgled shortly after and guess who’s stolen?

At this point the film changes completely and becomes something quite different when you’d obviously think it would be a non -stop slaughter-fest committed by an apparent possessed dummy.

Made in a brief six days, Doll Master is a little miracle as the film obviously took shape in the editing stage with nice use of red filters, distorted viewpoints and brief but effective use of Hugo prowling around.  Director Steven M. Smith (who also has a brief role) gets a really great performance out of actor Tony Fadil who portrays Norman, a man on a mission to get his best pal back.

You can’t really compare to the big budget Chucky films or even the earlier Puppet Master films (before the budgets were slashed) but Doll Master is a bit of gem which has sneaked out without little fanfare.  Give it a bash and support the UK indie film industry.

  • Starring Tony Fadil  Rorie Stockton  Sarah Rose Denton  Jon-Paul Gates
  • Director Steven M. Smith
  • Distributor 101 Films