Cold Moon

The small town of Babylon, Florida is home to the Larkin farm ran by Evelyn and her two Grandchildren Jerry and Margaret.  The farm has fallen on hard times and the bills are piling up.  Whilst out riding on her bicycle Margaret is confronted by a masked assailant and is thrown into the river. She is then brutally murdered with her body tied down under the water.  Cold Moon is based on the novel by Michael McDowell who counts Beetlejuice among his many creations.

The local sheriff played by Frank (Big Kahuna Burger eating Brett from ‘Pulp Fiction’) Whaley who is baffled by the case as murder is very rare in his backwater town.  We then meet shifty bank president Nathan Redfield who wants the farm to go under so he can cash in on it’s real estate value but then he starts to see strange things which don’t really make any sense.  Redfield is also a serious boozer and likes the younger ladies as well.

Just as you think you have got an idea where the film is going with it’s creepy ghost with long black hair and cool watery special effects, it’s takes you off in an entirely new direction.  This works excellently as the villain of the piece is so despicable, there is no way you can side or sympathise with the cold hearted bastard.

Cold Moon is directed with some nice visual flair by Griff Furst who can count a few Asylum productions and CGI creature features as well as an extensive acting career on his resume.  Griff has also roped in a couple of reliable veteran thespians in Candy Clark and Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd to add some class to his cast.  In fact all the actors in the film do well and in all fairness there isn’t a duff performance amongst any of them.

An interesting supernatural horror film which concentrates more on atmosphere and story than cheap scares (although there are a few in there) .  I thought it was a rather engaging experience and recommend it wholeheartedly.

  • Starring Josh Stewart  Frank Whaley  Robbie Kay  Christopher Lloyd  Candy Clark
  • Director Griff Furst