Unrelated to Dario Argento’s film of the same name, Sleepless is a remake of the French film Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night) and tells the story of dodgy cop Vincent Downs and his partner who steal a consignment of cocaine.

The cocaine belongs to a unscrupulous casino owner who has acquired it for a gentleman by the name of Rob Novak who happens to be the rather unpleasant son of a mobster.  You know Novak is nasty as you’ll introduced to him whilst he’s torturing his own cousin.  Downs gets himself allocated to the case so he can dispose of any evidence hanging around but is hindered by a nosy Internal Affairs investigator played by Michelle Monaghan.

It doesn’t take long for the bad guys to figure out what’s going on and the next thing Downs knows is that his son is being kidnapped and they’ll demanding their drugs back.

Sleepless is Jamie Foxx’s show and his effortless charisma lights up the screen as Downs.  The supporting cast which include the afore mentioned Monaghan, Gabrielle Union and Scoot McNairy hamming it up as scumbag Novak do well but are really there to let Foxx do his thing i.e. fight and shoot people.  Not knowing or seeing the original version I can’t compare them but this film is your standard Hollywood action picture.  It’s ridiculously silly and preposterous but has a fair bit of charm and at just over 90 minutes doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

It didn’t do too well at the box office but it’s not all that bad as some have made it out to be.  Don’t go expecting the world’s greatest thriller and I’m sure you will enjoy it.  It was never in danger of setting the film world alight but it’s fun in a forgettable ‘noisy action’ way.

  • Starring Jamie Foxx  Gabrielle Union  Michelle Monaghan  Dermot Mulroney
  • Director Baran bo Odar
  • Distributor Entertainment One