Capture Kill Release

Found footage films can usually be summed up in two words, good or bad.  A lot of them are made because they’re cheap and the mugs perusing the aisles of supermarkets think they’re on to the next Paranormal Activity.  Therefore a majority of them are the worst kind of cinematic crap but Capture Kill Release tries it a little bit different.

Jennifer and Farhang seem to be a normal suburban couple when the film begins.  Jennifer has a new camera and as you would expect can’t put it down filming practically everything.  However, straight away it’s revealed the couple have plans to murder someone and we then cut to a rather funny sequence in a DIY shop.  There, the couple go through all the possible implements to commit murder and then dispose of the body.

There’s a fair amount of black humour in the film especially when they’re discussing who’s going to be a victim.  Farhang is against killing a gay guy as it could be looked on as a ‘hate crime’ and killing handicapped people is also a no-go.  Also, anyone they know personally is a big NO as well.

When you finally get to the murderous bits, it’s all pretty hardcore and quite shocking.  So if anyone’s idea of a ‘found footage’ film is slamming doors and weird noises you best stay well clear.

The two leads are scary and believable considering what they’re planning to do.  It’s cleverly edited as some VHS style footage is spliced in as well (you can tell as it’s a 4:3 ratio) and definitely one of the better films of it’s type.  Of course if these kinds of films aren’t your bag and there are a lot of people out there who are sick to death of found footage films, stay well clear.  It is however a bit different than the rest of them out there, so well done to the film-makers.

  • Starring Jennifer Fraser  Farhang Ghajar  Jon Gates
  • Directors Brian Allan Stewart and Nick McAnulty
  • Distributor Eureka