Definition of besetment – to attack from all sides.

Amanda Millard is having a tough time.  She’s broke, has no job and due to this she keeps having to get ‘loans’ from her vile drunken mother.  Suddenly out of the blue she receives a phone call from a hotel owner offering her an interview.  Amanda travels to the establishment which is in a small town out in ‘the sticks’ called Mitchell.  It’s there she meet the owner and the voice on the phone.  Her name is Mildred Colvin or ‘Milly’ to her friends.

Milly offers her the job right away which also includes accommodation.  However, Amanda has to return home to get her things but unfortunately her car breaks down and then she is startled by Milly’s son Billy stepping out of the shadows.  Billy is a bit of a mechanic so he offers to fix the car but Amanda has to stay overnight and travel back home the next day.

Amanda soon settles into the job, Milly seems the ideal boss and whilst on her day off she befriends the local diner’s cook.  Milly however has plans for her new employee which involve her son and soon Amanda is facing a serious threat to her very existence.

Besetment is a neat little addition to the ‘old mad lady and nutty son’ genre and is well acted by all concerned.  Marlyn Mason who portrays Mildred turns in an inspired deranged performance and is one of recent horror’s most despicable villains.  One particular scene is so messed up and sick that it could turn your stomach but it shows how twisted that particular character is.

The film clocks in at just over an hour and a quarter so what you have here is a lean and very mean spirited horror which I found rather engaging.

  • Starring Abby Wathen  Michael Meyer  Max Gutfreund  Marlyn Mason
  • Director Brad Douglas