American agent Alice Racine is living in London after a terrorism incident in Paris goes wrong and people get killed.  Although she is still working as such for ‘the agency’ she is not as active as before.  Her intelligence mentor approaches her with information regarding a possible attack on London.

Alice is a trained interrogator and when the alleged suspect is apprehended, she is asked to help.  Of course all is not what is seems and soon enough Alice is being hunted down by unscrupulous government types who want to silence her.

Aided by a burglar who conveniently worked as an operative in his murky past, she must unravel what is going on, stop the bad guys and save the UK from an attack.

Michael Apted’s action thriller features a seriously star studded cast and for a change all the action (i.e. saving Western civilisation is in the UK).  Played Alice is Naomi Rapice and is backed up with reliable veterans such as John Malkovich and Michael Douglas.  Rapice handles herself well as the interrogator with a chequered past and copes well with what the script gives her.

Saving the best for last is Orlando Bloom who plays the guy helping Rapice piece the puzzle together or is he?  Bloom can handle himself in action as we know from a series of films directed by Peter Jackson but here he displays the worst cockney accent since Dick Van Dyke.  Thankfully however laughable he sounds when he speaks it doesn’t ruin the film.

Unlocked is a generic action picture with a decent plot and not all that difficult to predict how it’s going to end.  Saying that, it is a lot of fun and at times a bit scary considering the age we now live in.

  • Starring Noomi Rapice  Toni Collette  Michael Douglas  Orlando Bloom
  • Director Michael Apted
  • Distributor Lionsgate