Voice from the Stone

Verena is a nurse who specialises in looking after troubled and traumatised children.  Her latest job is to care for a young lad named Jakob who has remained silent since the death of his mother.  Jakob is very withdrawn and Verena soon learns that he listens to a ‘voice from the stone‘ in one of the rooms of his house.

Jakob’s father Klaus has had many nurses come to care for Jakob and remains unconvinced Verena can get through to him.  Verena is determined to help the youngster and she tries everything in her power to do so.

One thing you can say for the film is that it dripping in atmosphere as it’s set in a very picturesque gothic castle and the surrounding grounds.  Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones plays the determined nurse and turns in a decent performance considering most of the time she has to look confused and bewildered.  Before you ask, poor old Emilia has to flash the flesh again in a sequence where she poses for a sculpture and also for a couple of softly lit ‘erotic thriller’esque’ love scenes.

The actual story is reasonably quite clever but it does seem to take ages to get going and when it does, it’s a bit predictable and then suddenly the film finishes.  I found it interesting from the production side as the photography is nice and pretty stylish but found it all rather boring.

The film is not my cup of tea I’m afraid but others have enjoyed it but for me it left me as cold as the stones in the castle.

  • Starring Emilia Clarke  Marton Csokas  Edward George Dring  Caterina Murino
  • Director Eric Dennis Howell
  • Distributor Precision Pictures