In the sequel to the 1984 cult favourite CHUD (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller) the army led by Colonel Masters have used the genetic make-up from the original CHUD’s from part one and tried to incorporate them into soldiers making them indestructible.  Unfortunately the last remaining CHUD is ‘stolen’ from the government facility where it is being stored by two students Steve and Kevin.  There is no sinister underlying reason for their actions, it’s just that they managed to use their biology professor’s dead body specimen and they needed a replacement.

After a mis-hap at Steve’s house the CHUD is brought back to life and soon escapes taking a chunk out of their poodle.  It doesn’t take long for the army to figure out what’s going on, but ‘Bud’ which is the name Masters gave the CHUD is attacking and making more like him around town.

Whilst the original starring John Heard and Daniel Stern was a ‘straight’ sci-fi/horror film, CHUD II is a comedy with a small amount of basic gore and some blood, but nothing to gross anyone out.  It is in fact actually at times very funny and the film’s lead Gerrit Graham who is Bud is totally priceless.  For a creature or CHUD that basically lives to eat people, Graham and the script writers inject a huge amount of humour into the character which makes it impossible not to like him.  Hollywood legend Robert Vaughn turns up as Colonel Masters and chews some much scenery, I would imagine he had to go on a diet after filming, he’s hilarious.  The three young leads are fine although Steve’s mullet haircut is very offensive but considering the outrageousness of the material it’s hard for them not to act a little over the top.

When the disease starts spreading and there’s literally scores of them prowling around, their body language and the way they mumble at each other is ridiculously silly.  In fact Bud the CHUD could possibly be one of the stupidest films ever made and for that if you haven’t seen this gormless piece of entertainment, check it out.  One more thing, keep a look out for a very, very famous actor in a ‘blink and miss’ cameo famed for his horror films.

  • Starring Tricia Leigh Fisher  Brian Robbins  Robert Vaughn  Bill Calvert
  • Director David K. Irving
  • Distributor Vestron Video / Lionsgate