BNB Hell

Willa is a young singer whose twin sister has gone missing, she has tracked down her last known address as a bed and breakfast guest house in Los Angeles.  The guest house is one of those places you can book online so Willa decides to go and stay there.

When arriving at the rather dubious establishment she is greeted by it’s owner who announces herself as ‘Mommy’.  To say she is a bit weird is an understatement but Willa goes to her room, unpacks and has a look around.  She soon discovers a camera in her room recording her, accusing the dude staying downstairs of being a sicko.  It materialises Mommy encourages the guests to make video diaries of their stay there, embarrassed she eventually strikes up a friendship with the apparent sicko, a nice fella called Marco.

Of course nothing is what it seems and there’s all sorts of odd things happening, Willa starts to get strange dreams, there’s funny noises seemingly coming from nowhere and who the hell is the grey haired neighbour who looks like he’s a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.

BNB Hell is a well acted effective low budget chiller.  The two central characters are likeable and the found footage’esque sequences within the actual film works effectively.  It suitably tense in parts and at times is a little bit pervy, but it all gets weaved into the plot well.  The movie also contains a totally brilliant red herring and I commend the production team for this as it caught me right out.

BNB Hell is a neat little horror film and considering I never heard of it until a week or so ago, I was pleasantly surprised how good it actually is.

  • Starring Kimberly Woods  Rudy Dubrev  Carol Stanzione  Timothy Lee DePriest
  • Director Andrew Jordan