Final Recall

When this film started and a group of friends were packing for a weekend away in the woods, my head sank into my hands.  Oh no, I thought not another film set in the damn woods and sure enough there was even a creepy gas station ran by a hillbilly with the biggest beard since Father Christmas.  Thankfully Final Recall isn’t another Wrong Turn or Cabin Fever but an alien abduction thriller.

Whilst at the gas station, the group have a run-in with an army type played by Wesley Snipes who seems slightly unhinged.  Eventually they get to the cabin and all seems well until the news reports strange cloud formations in the skies, also some of them have stumbled across Snipes’ cabin with all his survival gear.

The weekend gets worse when one of the group suffers an accident and another gets picked up by some kind of energy ray and whisked away into a spaceship.  At this point Mr. Snipes turns up and goes into ‘Simon Phoenix’ mode and begins his plan of action where he will take on the aliens as they had experimented on him years earlier.

Final Recall aka The Recall is a fairly enjoyable sci-fi romp with some really nice locations (it was shot in Canada) and some imaginative special effects.  The aliens themselves are well done and their spacecraft interior has a nice production design.  Although Snipes has a supporting role in the film, he turns up at critical points and makes his presence known.  The young cast do well and take the material seriously, no hamming it up here.

Final Recall isn’t the greatest sci-fi film ever made and certainly not the worst.  To its advantage it isn’t a cheap CGI laden piece of junk you would see on SyFy in the afternoon but a well made reasonably budgeted romp in the woods (and space).

  • Starring RJ Mitte  Wesley Snipes  Laura Bilgeri  Jedidiah Goodacre
  • Director Mauro Borreli
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment