Luther the Geek

As a small child, young Luther witnessed a man bite the head off a chicken at a circus sideshow attraction.  We then move forward a number of years and it is revealed that kid became somewhat disturbed and eventually was imprisoned for murder becoming Luther the Geek.  The ‘bleeding heart’ liberals at the parole board are convinced that the chicken munching nutcase is rehabilitated and recommend he is released.

In a small rural community, people are going about their business and shopping at the local supermarket.  One of the shelf stackers witnesses the now adult Luther cracking open eggs and eating them raw, he gets the manager who throws Luther out of the store.  Within moments he’s committed a murder and escapes by getting into an unlocked parked car.  Thus begins his reign of terror, clucking along as he goes.

As Calum Waddell says on his appreciation of the film on one of the disc’s special features, Luther the Geek never really got the attention it deserved when it was released.  Like Mr. Waddell I can remember seeing it feature in Fangoria, but like many films in those days a UK release never happened.  When I started work I got a NTSC VCR and obtained a few American tapes but sadly Luther wasn’t one of them.  Memory of the film drifted away until quite by chance whilst in Orlando on holiday I saw it for about 5 dollars on DVD in a bargain bin.  Watching it finally when I got home was a bit of a treat as it had been a very long time since reading about it.  That DVD has sadly disappeared but thankfully now there is this Blu-ray to cherish.

Luther the Geek has some quite unnerving scenes of him terrorising the cast and for someone with an iron clad stomach for splatter, some bits I found are still a bit gross.  Nudity is supplied by the lovely Stacy Haiduk who went on to be in that clean-cut Superboy TV series from Alexander Salkind.  Luther himself is without a doubt, one of cinema’s nastiest hillbillies and the fact he clucks when he’s up to no good is pure genius.  You actually don’t know whether to laugh or be generally disturbed by Edward Terry’s performance.

There are some nice special features included on the release which are interviews with two of the actors and the director as well as Waddell’s afore mentioned appreciation.  Luther the Geek is a really fun horror film which was sadly neglected and practically forgotten.  Don’t let this release pass you by, so pick up this gem from a time which is now passed.

  • Starring Stacy Haiduk  Edward Terry  Thomas Mills  Joan Roth
  • Director Carlton J. Albright
  • Distributor 88 Films