The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh

Also known as ‘Blade of the Ripper’ and ‘Next!’ The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh chronicles the story of Julie (Mrs. Wardh) a bored young woman trapped in a loveless marriage with a diplomat.  Julie was previously involved in a twisted sexual relationship with a guy named Jean, where he would slap her about and even cut her.  Jean disappeared for a while but now he is back and Julie is convinced he’s stalking her.  At the same time there is a serial killer on the loose slashing women with a straight razor, could this be Jean?

Julie attends a party and meets one of her friend’s distant cousins George.  It’s not long before they fall for each other and embark on an affair.  Jean however, always seems to be around and is he the one sending Julie flowers?

Sergio Martino’s Giallo was the first time he worked with the beautiful Edwige Fenech and as in the same year’s All the Colours of the Dark Ms. Fenech spends a fair bit of time in the state of undress with Martino relishing putting her through literally cinematic hell.  Supporting actors include the two seasoned thespians Martino would use again for ‘Dark’ i.e. Ivan Rassimov playing old perv Jean and George Hilton playing a chap named George (original name, eh?).  However, the real treat is Julie’s husband Neil who is portrayed by an actor named Alberto de Mendoza.  Even if you don’t recognise the name, think of that classic ‘Horror Express’ and he’s the fella who played the monk Pujardov.

Lots of nudity, a bit of dirty rough sex, blood, murder, mayhem, mystery and questionable fashions all add up to a terrific Giallo with some groovy music to boot.  Shameless’ Blu-ray picture is probably the best the film is ever going to look, so settle down and indulge in Mrs. Ward’s strange vices.

  • Starring Edwige Fenech  George Hilton  Ivan Rassimov  Cristina Airoldi
  • Director Sergio Martino
  • Distributor Shameless Films