The Domicile

Russel Brody is a writer struggling to finish his latest play, whilst he gets inspiration (and drinking time) from his friend David he is soon to be a Father.  His wife Stella is pregnant with twins and all seems good for the future.  Unfortunately her sister Sam lives with them and is mentally unstable but she seems to be getting visitations from some kind of spirits, so is she crazy?

After an accident Stella dies along with the unborn twins and we pick up Russel’s life a year later.  He has hit the bottle big time and is permanently drunk.  He has hit a ‘writer’s block’ due to his mental state and with Sam still living there, he is certainly feeling the strain.  Strange things start to happen, Russel hears baby noises and Sam gets more unhinged, so eventually he has her committed.  Also, before his wife passed away Russel had been ‘playing away from home’ with an actress named Lucy.  Seeing she is played by the ridiculously attractive Sara Malakul Lane, can you blame the lad?  Stella’s spirit isn’t best pleased so she begins to make Russel’s life very miserable.

The Domicile is one gripping supernatural thriller and seeing it’s set only in one location makes the proceedings creepy and very claustrophobic.  The clever lighting and very unnerving ghost effects compliment each other perfectly and whilst the wife has a bit of a Ring’esque look with the long hair, the make-up in particular the eyes are bloody horrible.

It’s got a few nice plot twists and the performances all round are good.  Director Jared Cohn is an Asylum films veteran, so he knows how to make a budget stretch and The Domicile is a very polished production.  A few bits even creeped me out and I watched it during the day, so obviously the film has did a grand job.  A good disturbing picture at times and a real treat for appreciators of supernatural cinema.

  • Starring Steve Richard Harris  Sara Malakul Lane  Demetrius Stear  Katherine Flannery
  • Director Jared Cohn
  • Distributor MTI