Kurt Angle: The Essential Collection

With the man himself returning ‘home’ to the WWE before Wrestlemania this year to receive his Hall of Fame induction, it makes perfect sense to put together a celebration of the career of Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle.  As with recent releases on other wrestlers, we get interview and archive footage edited in between full matches showcasing the career of the individual concerned.

Angle himself since returning has been interviewed extensively as well as a ’24’ documentary on the network on him being made available.  It looks like some of this footage has been used as well as older stuff from the vast WWE library.  He discusses his beginnings coming into the then WWF, training and then being put on to television about a year later.  Angle is very complimentary of his peers and you can tell he has made some great friends over the years.

Obviously, the big matches are discussed such as the various feuds with Stone Cold, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.  He mentions on how proud he is being the man to ‘break’ John Cena into the main roster and warmly discusses Cena’s character especially the old rap gimmick.  It’s also great from a historical perspective to hear Cena’s old entrance music.  One of my all time favourites is included which was that Street Fight with Shane McMahon, you know the one where McMahon gets thrown through the glass.

You can also tell by the way he mentions Eddie Guerrero that there was a lot of love and respect there, as we all know Eddie was taken too soon. The box set is tremendous value as there is well over eight hours of viewing.  There’s brief mentions of why Kurt left due to the personal reasons we all know about, so it’s nice this isn’t dwelled upon nor his tenure with TNA.  Even the travesty that was the ‘new’ ECW is briefly discussed.

Once again another classy release, so sit back, put your ridiculously small cowboy hat on and enjoy.

  • Starring Kurt Angle  Chris Jericho  Edge  Rey Misterio  Brock Lesnar  Shane McMahon
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle