A few years ago Rachel was the ‘final girl’ i.e. the last survivor of a dreadful killing spree which left all her friends dead.  She is now ready to graduate from college and one of her college buddies suggest they go away for Spring Break to his late Uncle’s cabin in the woods.  When they get there, it’s hardly a cabin more like a luxury holiday lodge complete with swimming pool.

The boys bring along ‘Bong-Zilla’ the biggest bong known to man along with the beer and the girls bring their bikinis.  Everything is set for a fun weekend but things start to go wrong.  Starting with one of the girls suffering a mishap, there’s also no phone signal and the creepy old dude from the local gas station has now shown up.  Plus, one of the group has just been brutally murdered.

WTF! is exactly what the title means, a crazy slasher/comedy with all the ingredients of the an old school Friday the 13th’esque massacre as well as American Pie-style humour.  Every character in the film is a walking cliche of these types of movies, the stoner, the dickhead boyfriend and the hot blonde babe.  The plot, which is as ‘old as the hills’ is put together which a love for the genre taking it seriously one minute and taking the piss, the next.

It’s got a couple of nice cruel murders as well as some plot twists which you’re probably work out and some pretty decent performances from the cast.  The make-up effects are suitably ikky and overall the movie is a real polished production.

WTF! is a right old throwback to the good old days and is a tremendously entertaining piece of cinematic nonsense.  A real blast.

  • Starring Callie Ott  Andrea Hunt  Benjamin Norris  Nick Reilly  Sarah Amor
  • Director Peter Herro