Beacon Point

Four people from different walks of life have decided to get back to nature and go on a hiking trip deep into the forest with the help of the local trail guy, a gentleman by the name of Drake.  They consist of a young woman, two brothers and an IT guy who has recently split from his wife.  Drake has a somewhat mysterious past and as soon as they head into the wilderness they go off track and Drake takes them on an alternative route to see the sights.

Within hours of starting the hike, they stumble across a dead hiker and Drake moves them along as fellow hikers are dealing with getting the police.  At this point I would be highly suspicious of your guide as he is very shifty and seems to have an agenda.  Obviously the four happy campers don’t know what happened before they turned up for their trip.

During the night, the group appear to be victims of some kind of assault but only the woman, Zoe seems to remember anything and she passes it off as a dream.  Of course it isn’t a dream and one of the brothers, Brian starts to get very sick.  Help is needed but is it too late to save him and the group?

The actual DVD cover passes the film off as some sci-fi epic along the lines of Close Encounters or Independence Day so to say that is misleading is a serious understatement.  The film has a bit of a Southern Comfort vibe to it as the group are trapped in an impossible position with not much chance of survival with an unknown enemy tracking them.  In fact it’s one of the few films set in the wild where you don’t get to see any local in-breds or hillbillies, so that is a real refreshing change.  Beacon Point is a very well made independent film with some beautiful photography and appealing performances from it’s relatively unknown cast.  It can ramp up the tension when it’s needed and the characters are fairly likeable apart from Drake who obviously is a cold bastard.

Beacon Point proves you don’t have to show everything to get the story across and in all honesty I quite enjoyed the film. It’s a pleasant little diversion into the thriller/sci-fi/horror territory with a brutal cruel ending and a warning to us all to stay away from scary looking totem pole-like statues.

  • Starring Rachel Marie Lewis  Jon Briddell  Eric Goins  Jason Burkey  RJ Shearer
  • Director Eric Blue