A body has been discovered in an abandoned factory, mutilated and with not much of it left matches another similar corpse found a couple of week prior.  It seems there could possibly be a serial killer on the loose and one who appears to like all things satanic.  Detectives Smith and Faraway are on the case with help from two of their colleagues who get nicknamed ‘Laurel and Hardy’.  The trail leads to a property development company ran by a Michael Sweet.  Sweet is a slimy loathsome stuck-up yuppie type who has a plum in his mouth.  With circumstantial evidence mounting up against Sweet, another body is found and the detectives are told to concentrate their efforts elsewhere.

Faraway is suffering from a lot of stress in her life (ex-husband, can’t sell her house) and is convinced Sweet is her man so she begins to follow him.  Unfortunately weird dreams and visions start to take effect on her which her doctor puts down to medication and drinking.

What starts out as a Prime Suspect-type British cop drama slowly manifests into a trippy horror with some brutal violence and some well executed messed-up dream sequences or are they?  Time is also spent on Faraway’s mental issues and these are dealt with some good writing and a great performance from Sarah Beck Mather.  Bless her, she certainly has to go through some serious shit in this film.  The rest of the cast are made up of various actors who have a wealth of experience working on the likes of Coronation Street and Casualty.  They all do well especially a chap by the name of Ross Mullan who plays voodoo shop owner Doug.  He’s totally awesome with his groovy shirt and open to the fact he thinks the stuff he sells is a load of old crap.  Mullan played a White Walker in Games of Thrones, so he gets a big thumbs up from me.

Charismata is a pleasant change from all the standard British cop TV show/films with it’s clever storyline and some engaging performances.  It’s got one hell of a final act and ending, so it’s well worth checking out.

  • Starring Sarah Beck Mather  Andonis Anthony  Johnny Vivash  Jamie Satterthwaite
  • Directors Andy Collier and Tor Mian