Cold Blooded Beast aka Slaughter Hotel

Also known as Asylum Erotica, this Italian giallo film begins with a hooded weirdo prowling the corridors of an exclusive private mental hospital.  Picking an axe from a collection of medieval weapons he spies in on those of the patients.  Disturbed he soon scarpers and we then are blessed with a wonderful tinted credit sequence with all the main players shown.

There is a new arrival at the hospital named Ruth who funnily enough doesn’t want to be there, after a rather feeble attempt at an escape she is taken inside and signed in.  The patients at the hospital tend to be of the beautiful rich elite and director Fernando Di Leo has no issues getting them to disrobe at every opportunity the story allows.  Whilst we are getting to know the characters which include a nympho and all the medical staff, the hooded figure claims the first victim with a scythe.

Cold Blooded Beast is a triumphant return to a time where all the actresses stripped off, plenty of sadistic violence and the rather unusual sight of Klaus Kinski (sporting a simply fantastic hairstyle) almost being a romantic lead. With regards to the nudity there is lots of the ‘north and south’ variety and scenes of the patients being rather ‘handy’ which for a mainstream film is very explicit so be warned.  One of the sex scenes has to be seen to be believed as the actress (Rosalba Neri) who is drop dead gorgeous manages to make love with the gardener who keeps his trousers on.

It’s all very seventies and features a stunning soundtrack which is in part easy listening heaven and brought a big smile to my face whenever it popped up in the film, or could have that been just the ladies?  It isn’t the greatest giallo but it is an entertaining if at times questionable film (one death scene is really kinky) which no one would have the balls to make today.  So we must be thankful this restored and UNCUT version has been unleashed.  A nice addition to anyone’s collection of Italian cinema and quite unique for some the reasons I mentioned above.

  • Starring Klaus Kinski  Margaret Lee  John Karlsen  John Ely  Rosalba Neri
  • Director Fernando Di Leo
  • Distributor 88 Films