In a small college town, a young woman is seemingly being targeted by a clown who leaves her messages on red balloons.  The clown gives her a time when he will come for her and trying to get away she heads to a relative’s house.  Needless to say, she’s soon murdered and the scene is set for the clown to stalk other inhabitants.

Emma and Heather are two college friends working in the local ice cream diner, conveniently for the plot Emma has a serious issue with clowns and before you can say ‘Pennywise’ she starts being stalked.  She speaks to the murdered girl’s Father who tells her that the clown is technically mortal but is possessed by a demon, but he can be killed.  Heather is not having any of it but is soon convinced when the painted face fellow starts popping up to make their lives miserable.

Anyone who knows me are aware I find clowns as funny as others find them frightening.  Stephen King’s IT is a favourite of mine as is Killer Klowns from Outer Space.  I found all the social media uproar regarding ‘Killer Clowns’ quite hilarious although to others it wasn’t so amusing.  Anyway I slightly digress, Clowntergeist is not quite IT (could anything top it?) but it does have some generally creepy scenes.  The whole idea of a paranormal circus freak isn’t particularly original but who can not love that title?  Go on say it out loud, Clowntergeist and the evil bastard’s name is ‘Ribcage’, how awesome is that?

The film has possibly some of the stupidest characters in recent memory in a horror film and therefore makes the film all the more enjoyable as they gets slaughtered.  The main character Emma is also one of horror’s biggest cowards and you find her constantly running scared from Ribcage.  The clown’s make-up is your standard stuff but with his long hair and funky clothes, he makes quite the sight.  The film is also great looking with some nice photography with some atmospheric eerie moments.

I found Clowntergeist, easily one of the silliest horror films in some time but also one of the most watchable.  It’s definitely no classic but it’s rather ingenious in some ways and constantly engaging whenever Ribcage is prowling around along with his pesky balloons.  Definitely not for sufferers of coulrophobia.

  • Starring Eric Corbin  Brittany Belland  Monica Baker  Burt Culver
  • Director Aaron Mirtes