You think your life is hell, feel some sympathy for the Thatcher family.  They have been cursed by a mystical box which houses some sort of ‘gremlin’ creature which has a thirst for blood.  As well as that, the family are trying to get over the loss of their middle child.  Staying with an elderly relative, the son of said old lady comes knocking and passes his Mum the box.  The curse of the box decrees you have to give it to someone you love so the old lady after receiving it passes it on to Adam, the Dad.

With the old lady biting the dust in somewhat gruesome fashion, the creature sets it’s sights on the Thatchers and picking them off one by one.  The police start sniffing around and they even more confused as people go missing and the family start behaving a bit weird.

The actual Gremlin that lives in the box is a skinny little thing with sharp teeth and a nasty attitude.  It looks like a combination of some puppetry and CGI was used to create it which in all fairness works pretty effectively.  There’s a couple of nasty death scenes, so even though the movie has a somewhat ‘friendly’ title rather similar to a couple of certain Joe Dante films it’s most definitely a horror film and not for the ankle-biters.

The main characters are pretty well written especially the head of the family, Adam who has got a ‘bit on the side’ which gives him some motivation later on in the film to deal with the problem at hand.  There’s also a nice side plot with the daughter and her boyfriend but I won’t ruin that for you.

As I watched Gremlin, it reminded me a little of those old Empire productions from Charlie Band in the 80’s and later on some of his Full Moon stuff.  I can’t explain really why, but the film had a ‘vibe’ about it which reminded me of those good old days.  It’s all put together relatively straight, which works to the film’s advantage and overall it’s a good fun B monster movie with a pretty neat story to where the creature actually came from.

In fact, it’s probably the best Empire/Full Moon film they never made and coming from me that’s a recommendation.

  • Starring Adam Hampton  Julie Thatcher  Katie Burgess  Connie Franklin
  • Director Ryan Bellgardt