Claire and her husband Aaron have returned back to the house where she grew up following the death of her Mother.  As there is a lot to do with regards to what to do with the property, the young couple move in for the time being.  Claire however is suffering from some mental health issues due to a still birth and all this seems to get worse as the house brings back nothing but horrible memories.

As a child Claire had an imaginary friend called Bethany as her Mother was domineering and didn’t let her mix with other children.  Her Mother played by Shannen Doherty (channelling her very best ‘Mommie Dearest’) is a complete bitch and makes the young Claire’s life a living hell.  Of course with her having a delicate mental state, it doesn’t help when she starts seeing horrendous visions resulting in her self harming.

The couple’s therapist Dr. Brown is determined to help but things get really bad when ‘Bethany’ starts to make herself fully known and not just as before, i.e. creepy noises and moving objects.

Bethany is a slow burning atmospheric chiller with plenty going on, but director James Cullen Bressack drips feed the information needed to work it all out and the ending is a real corker.  It’s also incredibly sad as well which is something who don’t get in your average horror film these days.

The cast perform and treat the material seriously with our two leads (Stefanie Estes and co-writer Zack Ward) showing some nice chemistry as the tormented couple.  Doherty, I’ve mentioned above and playing the hipster therapist is Freddy Got Fingered’s Tom Green in a rare serious role.  Keep an eye out for Sleepaway Camp’s Felissa Rose in a ‘blink and you’re miss’ brief role as a realtor.

Bethany was a pleasure to watch and if you like your supernatural horror, this film might just be up your (haunted) street.

  • Starring Zack Ward  Stefanie Estes  Tom Green  Shannen Doherty  Anna Harr
  • Director James Cullen Bressack