End of a Gun

Within a couple of minutes of the film starting ex DEA agent Michael Decker (Steven Seagal) has already shot and killed a dirtbag who was roughing up a young woman.  That woman Lisa, is played by Jade Ewen of Sugababes fame who turns out to be the dead man’s girlfriend.  The dead dirtbag is a drug dealer and after Decker makes his witness statement to the local police, Lisa tells him there is two million dollars in cash sat in the boot of his car which is in the police lock-up.

Decker and Lisa hatch a scheme to steal the money, split it and make their separate ways.  However back in the States, Mr. Vargas a big time drug trafficker is most displeased with his money going missing and sends his henchmen after Decker and Lisa.

For an ex-singer and one who entered ‘Eurovision’ Jade Ewen is pretty effective as the beautiful Femme Fatale in the film.  It obviously helps she hasn’t been hit by the ‘ugly stick’ and wears some rather pleasant tight clothes but in all fairness she more than holds her own.  Mr. Seagal plays his lone cop/ex-law enforcement dude and is always entertaining as he maims, kills and kicks bad guy’s asses.  He may be getting on a bit but he’s constantly great value and I’ll always love the guy.  The cast is rounded out by assorted European actors (it was filmed in Romania) and Seagal’s regular director Keoni Waxman uses some nice editing effects to give the film a cool look.

Packed with shoot outs and scenes of him hurting people, End of a Gun isn’t totally vintage Seagal (how are you ever going to beat Out for Justice or Under Siege?) but it’s a well made action thriller which will keep you quiet for about an hour and a half.

  • Starring Steven Seagal  Jade Ewen  Florin Piersic, Jr.  Ovidiu Niculescu
  • Director Keoni Waxman