Hunter is a young man who has recently came out as gay, he has yet to see his parents after he told them so he travels to their farm with a group of friends to give him support.  When they arrive his Mum greets him fondly but his Dad is a bit of an old bigot and has yet to accept it.  Of course this is not a well meaning family drama but a slasher film and by this point a local dog walker has been butchered by a mysterious figure brandishing a Pitchfork.

The friends have organised a ‘Barn Dance’ at the farm and various locals turn up to have a good time.  However, the bloke with the pitchfork is prowling around gradually killing people in unpleasant and gruesome ways.  The persona of ‘Pitchfork’ is quite a cool one, with his weapon attached to his hand and wearing a battered teddy bear mask, he cuts quite the formidable figure.  The way he has been lighted by the cinematography also reminded me a little of Cropsey from ‘The Burning’.  The old saying, ‘the blood runs in rivers’ is quite true to this film as the kills are gory and plentiful.  There are some generally likeable characters in the movie and when a couple of them die, I literally did feel a bit sad.  Saying that, there are a couple of horrible shits in the film and it’s a good laugh to see them get slaughtered.

Pitchfork is a slasher and doesn’t apologise for being anything else.  It does switch a little bit towards the end with a scene similar to a certain Tobe Hooper classic but it’s very well done with a good pay-off.  It can also be very cruel with some of the character’s demises in particular one which is relentless and extremely sadistic, even I cringed a bit.

If you don’t like slasher or ‘Madman on the rampage at isolated locations’ films steer well clear.  Is it a classic of the genre?  Not really but ‘Pitchfork’ is lots of fun while it lasts and for the reasons above I enjoyed the hell out of it.

  • Starring Daniel Wilkinson  Lindsey Nicole  Brian Raetz  Celina Beach
  • Director Glenn Douglas Packard