Eddie Deacon is an ex-captain in the military and is desperate for a job.  He finally manages to get a ‘minimum wage’ gig at a shopping mall as a overnight security guard.  Whilst Eddie is being shown the ropes by his supervisor, a US Marshal convoy are being hijacked as they are protecting a vital witness for a forthcoming trial.

That witness is a little girl named Jamie who escapes and makes her way to the mall, where they let her inside.  Unfortunately she is being pursued by a group of professional hitmen led by Gandhi, sorry Sir Ben Kingsley whose only aim is to stop her testifying.

Realising their only hope is to take a stand, Eddie and the mall cops put together a plan not only to protect and save Jamie but to kill the bad guys as well.

Basically, Security is ‘Die Hard in a Mall’ with Antonio Banderas kicking ass, looking awesome and shooting dirt-bags at every opportunity.  Ben Kingsley plays ‘Charlie’ a nasty bastard with a changing accent and a real desire to chew as much scenery as possible.  Various jobbing actors fill out the rest of the cast which includes the ex-Gladiator Rhino.

Made by the studio behind ‘The Expendables’ and ‘Olympus has Fallen’ Security is a fun, violent and well made shoot-em-up which doesn’t have an original bone in it’s very entertaining body.  The production values are good (with Bulgaria standing in for middle America) so if you fancy some macho BS action, you really can’t go wrong.

  • Starring Antonio Banderas  Ben Kingsley  Liam McIntyre  Cung Le
  • Director Alain Desrochers
  • Distributor Arrow Films