Fight Owens Fight: The Kevin Owens Story

The Kevin Owens Story is the latest in WWE’s ongoing series of individual Superstar related DVD’s and this release showcases one of my favourites on the current roster, the man who was born Kevin Steen.

A big name on the independent scene in particular Ring of Honor, Owens started out in small Canadian promotions with his long time real life friend Sami (El Generico) Zayn.  Eventually Zayn got signed by WWE and left Owens behind, but a year or so later Kevin followed him into NXT and the rest they say is history.

The documentary portion of the set lasts around an hour and mainly shows Kevin’s wrestling achievements along with interviews from his peers, friends and his Dad.  There’s is also over an hour of extra stuff in the special features which is equally as good as it shows more of ‘Kevin Steen – The Man‘ as he discusses his family in depth and a really touching section on his late Grandfathers and their influence on him.

When it comes to the actual matches, there is plenty for you to get your teeth into.  We get the NXT debut match against CJ Parker who may recall had that eco-warrior gimmick.  Owens and Zayn is more than covered in their feud which has never really ended.  That ‘Battleground’ match between them is one of the highlights of the discs.  This year’s Wrestlemania match with Chris Jericho is also included, in fact the run with Jericho should have it’s own DVD as it was full of some of the best moments in WWE over the past couple of years.  The Blu-ray has some exclusives including contests with Neville and Roman Reigns.

One of the best WWE releases (non PPV) I think for quite some time.  Owens should be around for a long time yet and this set is probably one of many that will be produced about his professional achievements.

  • Starring Kevin Owens  Seth Rollins  Sami Zayn  Daniel Bryan  Renee Young
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle