It’s 1998 and after a nuclear war (it was released in 1987) mankind is basically finished and our story begins with a bunch of army deserters trying to find shelter from basically everything.  Quite by chance they stumble upon a facility which appears to be deserted.  That said facilty has everything you could possibly need, a shower (for some loving), food, beds but unfortunately a mutant is prowling around so things aren’t comfortable for long.

The facility was being used for some kind of experiments and the creature soon makes it’s presence known and a fight for survival begins.

Made in a matter of weeks in a small studio in Los Angeles, Creepozoids marks the second ‘mainstream’ film from the prolific director David DeCoteau.  DeCoteau is a one man film industry whose credits include a few Puppet Master flicks and one of my favourites from the video shop era ‘Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama”.

Along with DeCoteau, also joining in the fun is Return of the Living Dead’s Trash, Linnea Quigley and future porn star Ashlyn Gere.  Of course you cannot fail to mention the rubber special effects creations including a giant rat, a freaky baby and some really nasty looking contact lenses.

Considering it was made seriously on the cheap, Creepozoids is a real giggle as it made in a time where B movies were still produced on 35mm film (the transfer looks great) and the creatures were actually ‘there’ not made on a computer later.

Perhaps not one for the hipsters or kids out there but for my generation who grew up on these types of movies, it’s a great trip down memory lane.  Also make time to listen to the director’s commentary it’s quite enlightening and very informative as well gently poking fun at the film.

Spend some time with the Creepozoids, it’s worth your time for appreciators of bargain basement cinema.  I myself really did enjoy this trip back to the past as I haven’t seen it in years.

  • Starring Linnea Quigley  Ken Abraham  Richard Hawkins  Kim McKamy
  • Director David DeCoteau
  • Distributor 88 Films    Full Moon Features (US)