Don’t Hang Up

Three typical American teenagers Sam, Brady and Mosley have far too much time on their hands so they enjoy making prank calls to various people and recording them so they can post them online.  Our film starts with them calling a young Mum and basically scaring the living shit out of her by telling her house has intruders in it.  They tell her Don’t Hang Up as she runs out of her bedroom looking for her daughter.

With the video going viral, the three dudes are feeling quite smug but that changes when Brady goes over to Sam’s house as his parents are away for a beer and movie night.  After pranking poor old Mosley whilst he is out working as a pizza delivery guy, they soon get a strange call.  A menacing voice on the end of the phone isn’t happy with their pranks and he starts to play mind games with them which could include possible murders.

Being a ‘UK’ production but set in the US, there is an abundance of British thespians on screen and lead actress Bella Dayne was in TV’s Plebs and Humans.  The film makers have borrowed elements from various films including Scream and a touch of the exploits of Jigsaw from the ‘Saw films making ‘Don’t Hang Up’ an effective little horror.   It’s an impressive debut from two experienced special effects technicians Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Mace.  These chaps have impressive resumes including Doctor Strange, Paddington and Edge of Tomorrow so due to this, the film has a nice visual style and good use of the camera.

Don’t Hang Up is a nice addition to the genre of scary phone call movies and is one of the better ‘teen horrors’ out there.  So for pure escapism, arm yourself with a takeaway, an alcoholic beverage and sit back and enjoy.  Or if you’re under eighteen, a glass of lemonade.

  • Starring Gregg Sulkin  Garrett Clayton  Bella Dayne  Sienna Guillory
  • Directors Damien Mace and Alexis Wajsbrot
  • Distributor Matchbox Films