I Drink Your Blood

Horace Bones is the leader of a Manson-like hippy cult and David E. Durston’s film begins with the group performing a ritual.  They are being watched by a local girl who one of the cult has befriended and when she is discovered she makes a run for it.  We cut to the next day and it is suggested apart from being beaten she has also been raped.  Returning home to her Grandfather and brother, the local bakery owner Mildred seeks help from her boyfriend who is head of the local construction crew.

The hippies groovy painted van breaks down so they decide to stay in the town and at the same time Pete the brother of the girl who was assaulted has killed a rabid dog.  Working at the town bakery, he injects the rabies virus into the meat pies and sells them to the hippies.  Soon enough the cult start to feel the effects of the virus and turn berserk with a craving for murder and mayhem.

I Drink Your Blood hasn’t been seen here in the UK for a very long time.  It was released in the pre-VRA days and hasn’t been heard of since.  Our friends across the pond in America have had various versions over the years and the HD remaster from Grindhouse has been licensed from 88 Films for it’s 21st Century UK debut.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the film is cheap but that doesn’t make it bad, far from it.  The make up effects are fairly basic but effective and the music score is possibly bordering on genius.  Weird electronic sounds are the order of the day which compliment the on screen antics extremely well.  Some of the OTT acting on display is possibly some of the finest thespian work ever seen on screen.  The performances are ridiculous, a bit scary and absolutely bonkers all at the same time.

Not all of Grindhouse’s extras have made the journey but there’s still lots on offer including commentaries, two versions of the film and a nice booklet with some writing by Calum Waddell.

I Drink Your Blood is without a doubt some of the most enjoyable nonsense who will ever see and because of that I can do nothing but recommend it.  I’ve seen a lot of films over the years and this one features easily one of the most insane final 30 minutes you will ever experience and that doesn’t sell it to you nothing will.

  • Starring Bhaskar  Lynn Lowry   Riley Mills  Rhonda Fultz  John Damon
  • Director David E. Durston
  • Distributor 88 Films