Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

After a recap of the previous five films, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter finds our hero Alice in the ruins of Washington DC.  As per usual she has been stitched up by the dodgy Albert Wesker, henchman for the Umbrella Corporation and is left for dead.  An image of the ‘Red Queen’ the computer mainframe of Umbrella appears and tells Alice she must return to Raccoon City (the home of the first outbreak) immediately.  On route to the city Alice is captured by the returning Dr. Isaccs (the awesome Iain Glen taking time off from Game of Thrones) but is soon rescued by a rag tag bunch of survivors including the thought to be dead Claire Redfield.

Entering the hive (Umbrella Corporation’s underground facility) the group will fight to the bitter end to finally put the ongoing T-Virus nightmare to rest.

The Resident Evil films have always took a bit of a hammering from critics but are popular amongst audiences and continue to make money.  I can’t comment on the film’s accuracy to the original video games from Capcom as I’ve never really played them (I’m a driving and fighting man) but I’m told there are elements true to the games including the characters.

Paul WS Anderson always gets a bad rap on his films but I am of the opinion that he is an under-appreciated film maker.  His visual style is excellent and he is one of the few Hollywood directors that uses 3D effectively.  Anyway as far as I’m concerned his Event Horizon is one of the all time great horror/sci-fi films.  It’s a crime that the cut footage from this masterpiece is forever lost.

Anderson’s missus Milla Jovovich continues to kick ass throughout the film and is supported by the afore mentioned Iain Glen, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts as Wesker and newcomer to the series, Ruby (I seem to be in every action film lately) Rose.  The FX continue to impress and once again it’s got a nice LOUD soundtrack.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is good old fashioned action BS of the highest calibre and a fitting end to a  pretty groovy series of films which started fifteen years ago.

  • Starring Milla Jovovich  Iain Glen  Shawn Roberts  Ruby Rose
  • Director Paul WS Anderson
  • Distributor Sony