Wrestlemania XXXIII

Coming from the Camping World Stadium (former Citrus Bowl) in Orlando, Florida this year’s Wrestlemania promised ‘The Ultimate Thrill Ride‘ did it deliver?

First up, it was certainly value for money in terms of content and length of time.  Wrestling wise, I’m not too sure and as for some of the actual matches unfortunately no.

The kick off show presented The Andre the Giant Battle Royal and a Cruiserweight title match between Neville and Austin Aries.  These bouts are included as an extra on disc one of the Blu-ray.  Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin’s fight is on disc 2.  The main broadcast started with the American Anthem and then poor old New Day came out.  As they were no longer the champions they were relegated to ‘hosts’ i.e. comedy skits and trying to the get crowd going.

The opening bout was next and considering he’s a company executive Shane McMahon’s match with AJ Styles was pretty damn good but surely AJ should have been fighting a wrestler.  Jericho and Owens was next for the US belt, a good match but you would expect that coming from two of WWE’s very best.  The Fatal 4 Way for the RAW Women’s title was after and compared to last year’s bout, this one wasn’t that great.  The old timers were rolled out next for the HOF Class of 2017 and then onto the RAW Tag Team Ladder match with some surprise entrants.

Cena and Nikki Bella took on Miz and Maryse in a short match where Miz was cheered and dominated Cena who still won and then proposed to Nikki, bless ’em.  Rollins and Triple H was next in an unsanctioned match, a good pay-off to the story and the sight of Steph going through a table was priceless.

As per usual, we had a musical interlude which meant the live crowd could get something to eat or nip to the loo.  Bray Wyatt defended his WWE Championship against Randy Orton next and at time of writing Orton isn’t the Champion anymore, so poor old Bray has once again lost his momentum.

Undeserving Universal Champion Bill Goldberg faced Brock Lesnar and thankfully we all know the outcome.  Can’t blame Bill for turning up at WWE for no doubt a fair few bucks but the Universal title was cheapened, hopefully Brock can give it some prestige when he turns up to defend it at some point.

The Smackdown Ladies were next in a 6 Pack challenge in once again an average match which should have gone on longer.  Cut out the crappy music breaks WWE and give more time to matches.  It’s called WRESTLEMANIA for goodness sake.

The final match and ‘Main Event’ (on disc 2) saw Roman Reigns square off against The Undertaker.  Pretty heartbreaking stuff and Roman is hated even more now.  The Hall of Fame Ceremony is also on disc 2 as well as some fun with Miz and Maryse.

All in all, for your hard earned cash you get almost ten hours of content.  Was it a great Wrestlemania?  No it wasn’t, it was pretty good but it’s over reliance on part timers and old farts (Undertaker doesn’t count) spoiled the card.  It was bloody entertaining as always, but wheeling out nostalgia acts has to stop.

  • Starring The Undertaker  AJ Styles  The Miz  Matt Hardy  Jeff Hardy  Kurt Angle
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle