All the Colours of the Dark

Known in Italy as ‘Tutti i colori del buio’ All the Colours of the Dark is a London set ‘Giallo’ thriller from Sergio Martino, a prolific and talented Italian director responsible for such films as Torso, Island of the Fishmen and Hands of Steel.  The beautiful and I mean seriously beautiful Edwige Fenech is Jane, a troubled housewife getting over a car accident which caused a miscarriage.  Jane is having vivid nightmares and this is basically making her lose the plot.  Her boyfriend Richard is convinced it’s just trauma from the accident and medicates her with vitamins.  Jane’s sister Barbara persuades her to see a therapist and at the same time Jane befriends a neighbour who draws her into a witches coven.  With all this going on the poor girl is convinced she’s being stalked by a piercing blue eyed man dressed like an extra from The Sweeney.

Martino made his fair few of Giallo films and this one is a real corker.  The London setting for this Italian-Spanish co-production is excellent as we get the standard ‘London’ shots but it’s also a nice time capsule as there’s loads of old cars to play ‘spot the model’ with and some cool and sometimes questionable fashions.  The musical score by Bruno Nicolai is absolutely fantastic with all kinds of instruments used to produce some pretty breathtaking material especially during the creepy sacrifice sequences.

The film is oozing with plenty of trippy camerawork and it’s rather frightening how much the camera loves Ms. Fenech who is definitely one of my favourite European actresses of the 1970’s.  The supporting cast including the great Ivan (Spasmo) Rassimov are just fine and the Spanish actor Julian Ugarte playing the head of the coven is really unnerving.  It doesn’t help that he has a dodgy goatee, wears strange gowns and has long stick-on fingernails.

All the Colours of the Dark is a frightfully good Giallo with bags of atmosphere, a couple of clever plot twists and plenty of nudity from Fenech.  It’s my first viewing and I will definitely be revisiting very soon.

  • Starring Edwige Fenech  George Hilton  Ivan Rassimov  Susan Scott  Marina Malfatti
  • Director Sergio Martino
  • Distributor Shameless