Seth Rollins: Building the Architect

What is different about this three disc (almost 9 hours) release from WWE on Seth Rollins is that apart from an obvious lengthy interview with the man himself (chopped up into segments) this release is just matches and promos.  It’s been done before and makes a nice change from a doc and then the matches on separate discs.

Starting off in good old FCW and it’s famous warehouse setting complete with PPV posters on the walls we see the former Tyler Black learning the ‘WWE’ ways.  It’s painfully obvious from day one, the guy has something special.  Something Dusty Rhodes recognised and you can’t go far wrong then an endorsement from ‘The American Dream’.  I remember those FCW shows well as I would watch them on cable TV when I went to Florida on holiday and they would crop up on YouTube as well.  WWE need to upload these to the network as it features a lot of the main roster now and from a wrestling history perspective they’re priceless.

Rollins goes up against the likes of Leo Kruger (before Adam Rose was created) for the Florida title and I had basically forgot about the ’15’ championship Seth held which was defended in 15 minute matches.  NXT is next and the rise of Seth to become the first NXT Champion.  Of course now it’s onto ‘The Shield’ and their dominance of the roster until Rollins turned against them and aligned with The Authority.  We get his MITB cash-in at Wrestlemania, championship defences and of course his return after that fateful night in Dublin.

Match wise, we are covered in all aspects of Rollins in the WWE.  The Shield matches including the one against Kane, Undertaker and Daniel Bryan.  There’s also the battles with Cena and of course the broken nose incident (poor old John) couldn’t be left out of that one particular feud.  It’s great to see J&J Security again, hear Sheamus’ old theme song, appearances from wrestlers long gone and even a mention of a certain CM Punk.

It’s a cracking set and well worth picking up.  It might have obviously been approved by WWE management but fair play to the man as he speaks his mind on several occasions.

  • Starring Seth Rollins  Dean Ambrose  Roman Reigns  Big E  Brock Lesnar  Neville
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle Media