Underworld: Blood Wars

The fifth film in the Underworld saga continues the storyline set up in the previous instalment (if you remember the third one was a prequel).  Ass kicking vampire Selene is on the run from the her fellow undead and the lycans (werewolves).  You may also recall Selene has a daughter Eve and the lycan’s now want Eve’s DNA to build a super army of werewolf-vampire hybrids.

One of the vampire covens offer her amnesty if she agrees to train their vampires in the forthcoming war.  Again, Selene is aided by David the son of the chief vampire Thomas played by the legendary Charles Dance.  However, there is a political game being played and one of the vampire elite has other plans which would lead to her taking control.

Once again the beautiful Kate Beckinsale (who gets better looking with age) owns the screen as Selene.  Fitted out in that tight leather, it’s always a joy to see killing the bad guys.  This time around the film is directed by a first timer Anna Foerster who does a pretty fine job.  Anna is a long term associate of Roland Emmerich and we all know Mr. Emmerich is well versed in blowing shit up so you know the film is in safe hands.

The film got a bit of a critical hammering during it’s theatrical release as did some of the others, but it’s a vampire/werewolf action film for goodness sake not The Godfather.  It’s got the daughter of ‘Godber’ looking hot and beating the living shit out of anything that moves, Charles Dance being Charles Dance, loads of blood, special effects and a nice loud soundtrack.

Underworld: Blood Wars is lots of fun, so sit back and enjoy, all you ‘highbrow’ snobby critics can bugger off.

  • Starring Kate Beckinsale  Theo James  Lara Pulver  Daisy Head  Charles Dance
  • Director Anna Foerster
  • Distributor Sony