Evil Ed

All round nice guy Edward (the soon to-be Evil Ed) is a film editor who suddenly gets called in to see his boss.  His boss informs him that he is required to go and work in the ‘Splatter and Gore’ department where he has to edit the slasher film series ‘Loose Limbs’.

The head of that department is a sleazy dude named Sam Campbell and tells Ed that they have a lucrative deal where they can sell the slasher film series to various countries but it has to be edited for sex and violence.  Ed is normally used to ‘arty’ films and not impressed when he starts cutting out all the juicy bits of the film’s various killings.  As time passes the films start to warp Ed’s mind, he starts seeing things and becomes generally unwell.

Evil Ed was made in the mid 90’s in Sweden where film censorship was rife and it is a bit of a middle finger to those authorities stifling creativity in their film industry.  It is extremely gory and very violent but as it’s a comedy of sorts you can’t take it seriously.  As mentioned above, it’s a real dig at ‘The Man’ who told Swedes what they could watch back then rather like our very own James Ferman from the BBFC.  Arrow’s Blu-ray contains two cuts of the film, the original release and a special EDition with a few minutes of extra footage.  There’s also stacks of extras to peruse including a ‘making of’ doc amongst other goodies.

Did I enjoy it?  It’s certainly not the best film I’ve seen and definitely not the worst.  It does passes the time but beware the film was ADR’ed (dubbed) in post production as I would imagine the actors spoke English phonetically or maybe had heavy Swedish accents.  That may turn you off but to me it made the film funnier as a lot of the voices don’t really ‘fit’ the performance on screen.  It is totally barmy and features some great make up effects especially the little fella in the fridge.

Evil Ed is one of those films that is just okay, maybe you’re like it but that is up to you.  For me I wasn’t all that struck by it but it kept me interested for it’s running time.

  • Starring Johan Rudebeck. Olof Rhodin. Per Lofberg.
  • Director Anders Jacobsson
  • Distributor Arrow Video