The Resident aka The Sublet

Geoff and Joanna are a young couple who have just had a baby.  With Joanna on maternity leave, they have just moved into a new apartment as Geoff has landed a role on a TV show.  The building housing their new home is a bit of a dump but the actual apartment is clean, if a little old fashioned.  Deciding to take up the owner’s offer of a ‘sublet’ they move in but when Joanna is alone in the apartment she begins to hear funny noises and why is there a weirdo hanging around outside in a parka?

Of course Geoff doesn’t get to see or hear any of these shenanigans and their relationship becomes strained as Joanna is ‘trapped’ all day in the apartment with the baby so when Geoff decides to ask his ex-girlfriend to dinner one night it doesn’t help matters.  Joanna soon discovers a journal which appears to be of a former resident and her life becomes entwined with the sufferings of another young mother.

The Resident on the surface is not that particularly original (banging on walls, moving furniture) but it’s put together relatively low key and concentrates mainly on a mental breakdown of a poor woman ‘trapped’ whilst her fella goes off to work.  There is some clever editing in play and this runs brilliantly alongside the two lead actors’ performances.  The baby is cute, the weirdo in the parka is unnerving and you can never quite tell what is real and what is either a dream or some part of Joanna’s imagination running wild.

The Resident is a pleasant creepy chiller and although there are plenty of films around of a similar nature, this is one of the better ones and for that I recommend you give it a bash.

  • Starring Tianna Nori  Mark Matechuk  Krista Madison  Rachel Sellan
  • Directed by John Ainslie
  • Distributor Second Sight