FX The Complete Collection

FX 1 & 2 were two massive hits of the video rental era and now get their HD debut on Blu-ray courtesy of those chaps at 101 Films as part of their never ending mining of the MGM archives.

Rollie Tyler played by Aussie actor Bryan Brown is a special effects genius who works in the movies.  He is asked by the government to stage a faked assassination of a well known mobster.  Unfortunately Rollie is stitched up by unscrupulous individuals and has to use all his wits to bring the real bad guys to justice.  Sniffing around is a veteran cop Leo McCarthy played by character actor extraordinaire Brian Dennehy who is baffled by everyone’s lack of co-operation.

In F/X 2, Rollie is retired from show business and makes his living designing expensive toys and gadgets.  His girlfriend’s cop ex-husband asks him to help out in a case but when he gets murdered, the killer goes after Rollie so he has to track down Leo to ask him for his help.  Together they discover a massive conspiracy around missing Vatican artefacts and race against the clock to trap the perpetrators.

The first FX is pretty much a straight thriller but when the sequel was made the humour was revved up and the chemistry between the two leads really stood out.  It’s a shame that only two movies were made as the adventures of these two could have gone on for years.  A TV series showed up a few years later and lasted two seasons before cancellation, no one from the films were involved.

Watching the credits of both films, plenty of familiar names pop up such Jerry Orbach, Angela Bassett (in her film debut) and Rachel Ticotin from Total Recall.  One of the producers was Dodi Fayed, the son of the ex-Harrods owner who was sadly killed in the car crash which also took the life of Princess Diana.

Great retro entertainment from the days of when you got off your ass and went down to the video shop to look for your evening’s viewing.

Before you ask a certain song by Imagination is on the soundtrack of the first film, you know the one I mean.

  • Starring Bryan Brown  Brian Dennehy  Diane Venora  Kevin J. O’Connor
  • Directors Robert Mandel and Richard Franklin
  • Distributor 101 Films/MGM   (Kino Lorber in the US)