Fugitives aka Isolation

Creighton and Lydia Masterson are going through a rough patch in their marriage due to Creighton having a brief affair.  Thanks to a generous client Patrick, Creighton is given the chance of spending time at his property in the Bahamas.  After spending the first night sightseeing and having a ‘heart to heart’ they are awoken the next morning by the sounds of construction work.

It turns out the people next door are having some serious renovations done and will be for some time.  Patrick’s daughter offers them the chance to stay at a beach house on one of the local islands and they travel there for some piece and quiet.

Whilst out walking they bump into to a local islander named William who invites them over to his house for a meal with his wife.  They agree and spend a fun night with the eccentric couple.  When they arrive back at the beach house they are in for the shock of their life.

Fugitives starts off pretty slowly but this gives you time to get to know the two central characters and the issues they are dealing with.  By the time William (played by the terrific Stephen Lang) turns up with his wife you are set for a game of cat ‘n’ mouse with more twists and turns than a country lane.  Throw in Dominic Purcell (complete with fetching Hawaiian shirt) from Prison Break along with his dodgy girlfriend and you have a fine low key thriller with a really cool final act.

The Bahamas setting is beautiful and is used very effectively throughout the film.  Performances wise, there isn’t a duff one at all with Lang and Purcell going full ‘panto’ in their respective roles which works within the confines of the movie.  Tricia Helfer is always a welcome presence and in this film, she’s a pretty effective ‘woman in peril’.  For wrestling fans her stunt double is Taryn Terrell former TNA Knockout Champion and ‘Tiffany’ in the WWE.

Fugitives isn’t going to win awards but I found it a pleasant little thriller and definitely worth a look.

  • Starring Tricia Helfer  Luke Mably  Stephen Lang  Dominic Purcell
  • Director Shane Dax Taylor
  • Distributor 101 Films