WWE Elimination Chamber & Fastlane 2017 Double Feature

The Elimination Chamber and Fastlane PPV’s were part of WWE’s ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ and have been put together in double feature release which hails back to the good old days of Silver Vision’s Tagged Classics.

In the Kick Off Show of Smackdown Live’s Elimination Chamber Mojo Rawley took on Curt Hawkins in a pretty forgettable affair (it’s an extra on the DVD).  When the actual PPV started we had Becky Lynch take on the veteran and still bloody good Mickie James.  Mickie is a all time favourite of mine but no one holds a candle to the Lass Kicker.  Kallisto and Apollo Crews teamed up in a handicap match to face Dolph Ziggler who is having a ball in his ‘heel’ run.  There was a Tag Team Turmoil next in which American Alpha had to defend their titles.  Nikki Bella squared off against Natalya afterwards and we also saw Randy Orton up against the dirty vested one, Luke Harper.  Naomi had her chance to unseat Alexa Bliss as Womens Champion and the main event saw the Elimination Chamber coming into play with a great finish with a fresh face as Champ.  It’s a shame WWE didn’t have the balls to go further with this later on down the road.

RAW’s Fastlane PPV was one I wasn’t looking forward to as I knew what the outcome would be of the Main Event.  We had a tag team Cruiserweight match up on the Kick Off show (an extra on the DVD again).  The main PPV started with Samoa Joe facing Sami Zayn.  Gallows and Anderson had Big Cass and Enzo challenge them next for their titles.  Sasha Banks faced the might of Nia Jax next and the size difference between those two is incredible.  Afterwards Cesaro had the pleasure of Jinder Mahal with his new chiselled physique.  A dreadful bout was next when Big Show (who I love) bested Rusev which done nothing but make Rusev look pointless.  Why is the Bulgarian Brute not getting pushed?  He’s an incredible talent, looks great and Lana is brilliant on the mic.  Everyone’s favourite Geordie Neville faced fellow Englishman Jack Gallagher who along with his umbrella has bags of potential, comedy and skill wise.

Roman Reigns had Brawn Strowman gunning for him and Bayley had Charlotte Flair after her to get her title back.  In the pointless, awful and pathetic main event Kevin Owens defended his title against old fart Goldberg.  Set up solely for the Lesnar fight at Wrestlemania this match made me angry and WWE have to seriously get away from getting pensioners back for Wrestlemania season and start ‘bigging up’ their regular talent.

Bags of action for your money and well worth purchasing even if some booking decisions were questionable.

  • Starring Becky Lynch  Kevin Owens  Sasha Banks  Charlotte Flair  Alexa Bliss  Rusev  Apollo Crews
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle