Hijacked aka Altitude (2017)

Gretchen Blair is a hostage negotiator for the FBI, when she disobeys a direct order she is given a desk job and sent back to Washington.  On the flight she is seated next to a businessman and they strike up a conversation.  When he learns of her job, he offers her a large amount of money to make sure he gets off the plane alive.  It turns out that a bunch of crooks have infiltated the flight and are after him because he has something they want.  You know it’s gonna kick-off when a couple of the passengers are UFC legend Chuck Liddell and He Man himself, Dolph Lundgren.  Sure enough the plane is hijacked and it’s up to Gretchen to save the day.

Hijacked is a fun action packed B picture with some decent fight scenes and some pretty neat CGI.  Denise Richards is generally quite impressive in the role of the FBI agent and the woman who has to take on the crooks. She holds her own in the fight scenes (or at least her stunt double does) and is still a fine looking lady. Which reminds me I must track down Wild Things in my collection as I haven’t seen that cinematic masterpice in quite a while.  Dolph Lundgren must have only worked a couple of days as he doesn’t leave the cockpit for most of the film and it’s unusual for him to play the villain these days.

At the beginning of the movie, you are treated to the site of possibly the campest flight attendant in modern day cinema.  The mincing fellow is none other than Jonathan Lipnicki, the little lad from Jerry Maguire.

All in all, Hijacked is pure unadultered escapism and thoughly entertaining.  It won’t set new standards in action film making but it’s a refreshing change to see a female kicking ass and saving the day.

  • Starring Denise Richards  Greer Grammar  Dolph Lundgren  Kirk Barker
  • Director Alex Merkin
  • Distributor 101 Films